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Here are a few examples of the many journals and periodicals available at the Great Wall Bookstore.
It is also possible to order online, by filling out the order form.

La Chine au présent

Published monthly, appears in Chinese, English, French and Spanish.
Chinese and English editions: 84 pages in color
French and Spanish editions: 76 pages (of which 20 pages in color),
Format Chinese edition: 210 x 285 mm
Format English, French and Spanish edition: 187 x 260 mm

Founded in 1952 by Song Ching Ling, the late honorary president of the People's Republic of China, the magazine has been exported to over 150 countries and territories worldwide, and publishes interesting articles concerning almost all aspects of China: politics, economy, culture, art, education, sports, science and technology, ethnic minorities, tourism, archeology, history and geography.

China Daily

China Daily, China's only English-language newspaper, offers readers both at home and abroad China's latest political, economic, cultural, educational and other developments. Published in twelve-page broadsheets, plus the Sunday issues of special of Business Weekly and unscheduled issues of special supplements.

China Daily is distributed in all provinces and major cities in China as well as 150 countries and regions all over the worId.

Subscription can be made at the Grande Muraille bookshop

Business Weekly

Business Weekly, China's most authoritative business publication, can be separately subscribed. An 8-page broadsheet Business Weekly keeps readers fully informed on China's financial and market trends, investment opportunities and joint ventures development.

Subscription is available at the Circulation Department of China Daily.

China vandaag

Everything you ever wanted to know about China, can be found here, and has been found here for over 20 years. Fixed features are: culture, history, education, current affairs, art, society, philately and a whole page of fun for kids.

Dutch periodical about China.
Annual subscription: 8,70 EUR (5 issues)
Supportive subscription: 11,20 EUR (5 issues)

CHINA VANDAAG is a publication brought to you by the Belgium-China Association.

Ask for a free sample issue.